Shepherd’s Valley Cowboy Church Arena Alvarado, TX

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Arena Name:Shepherd’s Valley Cowboy Church Arena
Address:8901 E Hwy 67
Contact Name:Ginger Silverman
Phone:817.790.8898 voice 817.783.7822 fax



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Seating Capacity:2000
Seating:Cushoned Seats
RV parking:30 amp, 50 amp, Water
Parking Surface:Some concrete and some asphalt
Additional_Parking:4 1/2 acres Conrete 16 acres of ashplt gravel mix
Number ofS talls:250
Stall Flooring:Dirt
Stalls Mandatory:No horses left outside over night
Stalls_close:In building attached to arena
Shavings:No outside shavings
Wash racks:1-3
Warm Up:Enclosed
Center Alley:9-15 feet
Side Gates:None
Shopping:1- 5 Miles
Motels:6-10 Miles
Major_Highway:1- 5 Miles
Climate Control:Fans
Facilities:Restrooms w/climate control
Vendor Friendly:Some near the arena some separate all inside
Number Booths:Over 100
Size Booth:5250 sq ft
Cleaned:Cleaned at all times
Cleanup:Part of package
Scoreboard:Yes (free use)
Furnish Timer:Yes (free use)
Public Address:Yes (free use)
Announcer Stand:Enclosed w/AC
Extras:banquet meeting room 2000 sq ft w/kitchen area
optional ticket office/producer office
privite club
Diesel:No extra charge
Drag_Type:4n1 or like it
Electricity:Part of the arena package
Broad Band:YES
Chamber Of Commerce:Click here
RSS Some past events held at Shepherd’s Valley
  • BRAT Christmas Classic December 6-8, 2019
    12/06/2019 OPEN 1D winner Pete One on VC GoGo Fling with a time of 15.5 12/07/2019 OPEN 1D winner Emily Efurd on Dreamin Ta Heaven with a time of 15.15 12/08/2019 Open 1D winner Jimmie Smith on Lena On the Rocks with a time of 14.894 Total Payout $31310.03
  • BRAT Alvarado November 23, 2019
    Open 1D winner Rachael Myers on Zbar Lynx to Cash with a time of 15.425 Total Payout $11247.99
  • BRAT Race 3 Alvarado July 12-13, 2019
    Open 1D winner Scamper Cole on DM Streak Aboo with a time of 15.318 Total Payout $9,749.95
  • BRAT Attack Alvarado May 3-4, 2019
    May 3rd Open 1D winner Lois Ferguson on Epic Two KS with a time of 15.352 May 4th Open 1D winner Lois Ferguson on Epic Two KS with a time of 15.185 Total Payout $16,200.00
  • BRAT Alvarado March 23, 2019 CORRECTED
    Open 1D winner Bugg Beeler on JKL Letterflyreba with a time of 15.472 Total Payout $7701.99
  • Tammy Kidd’s $5000 Invitational March 16, 2019
    Invitational 1D winner Mark Bugni on JL Twisted Roc with a time of 15.213 Invitational Short Go 1D winner Ryann Pedone on Feel The Sting with a time of 15.287 Open 1D winner Kelsey Lutjen on FC Strait Flush Toy with a time of 15.198 Total Payout $ 17,859.00

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