Add your Arena

Name of arena
Street address NOT PO BOX
In what city is the Arena located in?
Zip code for arena
Arena Phone Number
Contact name for arena
Email address to contact arena
web address of arena
Facebook page of arena
The area where events are ran
Total Seating for viewing an event
What type of Arena
What type of ground does the arena have? (dirt/sand/clay/mix/etc)
What is the fence around the arena made of? In other words what is around the arena it's self i.e. panels/concrete walls pipe fence etc to keep livestock in the event area
How many arenas do you have at this location?
Give other Arena Sizes (one on each line also type i.e. enclosed, covered outdoor)
Are there concessions?
What type of seating for watching the event?
What type of parking Surface does the arena have? Check all that apply
How many stalls does the arena have?
Do you have to have a stall?
What kind of floors in the stalls? Check all the apply Dirt
Does a equine contestant have to get shavings?
How many wash racks?
What type warmup area?
How many side gates to enter the event on horse back? (If there is no center alley)
How many total RV Spots do you have?
What type of RV spots at arena? Check all that apply
How close to shopping? (i.e. Walmart or auto parts)
How close to motels?
How close to major highway?
How close to restaurants?
What type of climate control?
What kind of facilities?
Total Vendor Area
Where are the vendor booths? (check all that apply)
How often is the arena cleaned?
Does the arena have a scoreboard/Timer Board that can be used by a producer?
Does arena have a public address system?
What type of announcers booth?
What other features does the arena have (i.e. party room)?
Can the arena be locked up?
Can vendor area be locked?
Does arena have security available?
Number of available tractors?
can diesel for tractors be furnished?
Estimated distance behind arena available for riding
What type drag is available? (Check all that apply)
Electricity is
Does arena have DSL or any other Broadband connection?
Does the arena have bucking chutes?
If the arena has bucking chutes how many
Does the arena have Roping Boxes?
Is there anything you would like to add that hasn't been covered?