Welcome To Our New Website

Equivent Take entries online for your event without any fees to you (the producer)

Adding Something New

Adding Hotels, Airbnb’s, restaurants and even car rentals in the area of the arenas. Still working on it so may take a little while.

If you have any problems with the website just email me at bob@ebarrelracing.com.

We started this site as a way to help producers find equine event arenas, exhibitors find out more about the arenas and to help vendors get a better idea of what is in store for them. As producers we have had trouble finding the arena that is best for us. Just like one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. What is best for me is not always best for you. You may not need AC 10,000 seat 400 stalls. That is what we mean by best. We kind of know what we want but really not where we want to have our event.

As vendors we want to know what the arena looks like before we go. We want to know how many RV spots there are and how the arena is set up. We have found that we are not the only ones who want all that.

If you will look to the top of the page on the Menu that says Add Your Arena. It will take you to a form that will ask you questions about your arena. Please answer all the questions.

Added a rating system to or site, so make sure you go to the pages of your favorite arenas and rate them!