Norris Penrose Event Center – Colorado Springs, CO

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(Last Updated On: March 6, 2020)

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1045 Lower Gold Camp Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Phone: 719-635-1101


The Indoor Event Center is a 36,000 square foot free span building with a concrete floor (NEW May 2018!), measuring 300′ x 120′ in the main portion of the facility. This space has been redesigned to increase its capacity to host a variety of non-equestrian events, including home and landscaping shows, gun shows, brew fests, dog shows, motorcycle shows, and business expos. The structure is lighted, heated and has a public address system.   In 2012, a 120’x120′ attached extension was added, expanding the the floorplan of the entire facility to 50,000 square feet. This additional space is packed dirt with industrial carpet.

Stadium Features:

  • Multiple 14′ overhead doors
  • Kitchen/food service area
  • Restrooms/ shower house in very close proximity

It’s second to none and it is the only facility in the country that sits at the base of beautiful Pikes Peak.

Our outdoor arenas include four warm-up rings and one competition size dressage arena, which are professionally crowned and sloped for proper drainage, with blocked sand footing and the ability to pack or fluff to eight inches. Additionally, we have provided spectator viewing areas with all of our outdoor arenas. Sizes range to accommodate all disciplines. Enclosed and open judge’s stands are available for use with these arenas.

Stadium Features:

  • 170′ x 300′ 51,000 square feet
  • Covered seating for 5,700
  • Concert capacity for an additional 4,300
  • Ticket Box Office
  • Merchandise opportunities
  • Announcer/Press box with restrooms
  • Emergency medical station
  • Band box
  • V.I.P. seating
  • 8 bucking chutes
  • Stock pens complete with stripping chutes
  • 350 show stalls
  • 6 outside arenas
  • 71 acres
  • Adjacent to trail systems in the El Paso county Bear Creek Park

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