Canterbury Equestrian Showplace – Newberry, FL

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(Last Updated On: December 22, 2020)

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23100 W. Newberry Rd, Newberry, FL



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People love their horses and want to make sure they get the best training and care. That`s why many horse owners choose to bring their beloved animals to Canterbury Showplace in Newberry, Florida. There are few places in the nation that can provide the detailed training and care of this facility.

It`s the perfect place for horse enthusiasts or people who have children and would love a great place to take them for an afternoon. The facilities have a variety of events throughout the year including jumping and cross country. Some favorite events include the Spring Driving Extravaganza, 4H Open All Breed Show and their Horse Shows in the Park. Our jumps and courses are some of the best in the country with horse owners from all over the nation coming to compete.

We are also a full service facility for local horse owners. People can bring their horses to Canterbury to ride around the beautiful facilities. There is also schooling available to teach everything from cross country to stadium jumping. If you travel long distances for training or events, there is RV camping available and many hotels nearby.

Any horse clubs in the area can come and rent out Canterbury spaces for their own training and competitions. The shows and events that go on at Canterbury are sponsored by the biggest names in horse competitions including Fleet Footing International. The owners have made many improvements through the years to make the riding experience better for patrons and competitors.

The show rings are useable in all types of weather including large rainfalls. A new fiber placed on some of the rings soaks up the moisture, making it easy to ride on even after a heavy rain storm. This prevents slippage by the horses. Slips can be dangerous for not only the horse, but the rider as well.

It also has covered arena seating for more than 2,000 and a first-rate clubhouse with show office and celebration area, three outdoor rings and five show barns with 200 holding stalls. The Canterbury Showplace is one of the top equine show places in the United States and is a premiere destination for horse aficionados.

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I videoed an event at this arena many years ago and was surprised at how friendly these folks were. My camper broke down just as we arrived and they had a guy who fixed it very quickly. Then later that weekend the generator stopped working and they sent us to a guy who was able to get it fixed that day. Never in all my years of traveling had I been to a place who went out their way for just the video guy. – Bob Gould

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