The National Equestrian Center – St. Louis, MO

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(Last Updated On: March 21, 2020)

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Address: 6880 Lake St Louis Blvd Lake St. Louis, MO 63367

Phone: 636-561-8080



About the Arenas

At The National Equestrian Center, Lake St. Louis, we proudly offer first rate arenas for not only equestrian shows, but also dog shows, obedience and agility trials, livestock competitions, rodeos, corporate training seminars auctions and more.

In addition to our competition arenas and warm-ups, outdoor lunging pads composed of all-weather sand footing are available for exhibitors’ use. Competition arenas and fiber-footing warm-ups will be closed nightly for maintenance at 8:00 p.m. or at the conclusion of competition, whichever hour is later

Lunging will be available overnight in our East Arena warm-up.

West Arena

Our most popular arena, the West Arena is climate-controlled with natural-gas heating and HVLS commercial-grade fans. Its 120’ x 240’ space is most suitable for large-scale production needs. This arena and its associated 100’ x 200’ warmup are both comprised of technologically advanced GGT Footing™.

Performance and Soundness are topics of discussion when selecting any riding surface. The recently installed GGT Footing in the West Arena aims to support both performance and soundness in equine athletes.


Accordingly, this footing brings the benefits of optimal impact resistance, high slide-strength and optimal impact resistance; it stores moisture effectively, prevents packing, reduces dust and improves stability, energy-rebound, and joint protection.

West Arena Amenities include:

  • Bleacher seating up to 1500

  • 26 permanent ring-side box seats seating up to10

  • 6 portable riser-box seats seating up to 6

  • Videotaping area

  • Full service concessions and bar

  • Furnished Show office with copier, small refrigerator and microwave

  • Furnished Show Manager’s Lounge

  • Announcer stand

  • Adjoining Air-conditioned lobby (size)

  • Wi-Fi Access and Ethernet Cables between show office and arena floor

  • Vendor shopping spaces in lobby and on arena concourse

Outdoor Arena

The National Equestrian Center’s outdoor arena is a generous 240’ x 700’ space divided into approximate halves that allow for competition and warm-up spaces in two respective 120’ x 340’ areas.

Event hosts are welcome to lease the full arena or for a smaller, more economical rate, just one half of the arena.

Comprised of sand and screenings, the outdoor arena offers weather-ready footing appropriate to many disciplines and can accommodate rigorous lunging. Two 10’ x 10’ pavilions in close proximity to the outdoor arena invite spectators into the shade for viewing and relaxing while a nearby pond lends a peaceful, beautiful aesthetic. The outdoor P.A. system is capable of broadcasting across multiple channels that allow for the needs of both ring announcements and barn calls without interfering with one another.

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