Circle G Arena – Lewisberg, OH

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(Last Updated On: August 24, 2021)

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Lewisburg, US
1:46 am, Sep 25
L: 50° H: 60°
Feels like 54.59 °F broken clouds
Wind gusts: 11 mph
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0 inch
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 7:28 am
Sunset: 7:30 pm
Humidity 80 %
Pressure23 inhg
Wind 11 mph
Sat Sep 25
51° / 65°F0.04 inch12 mph76 %23 inhg
Sun Sep 26
46° / 70°F0 inch14 mph52 %23 inhg
Mon Sep 27
55° / 76°F0.01 inch21 mph58 %23 inhg
Tue Sep 28
59° / 77°F0 inch13 mph56 %23 inhg
Wed Sep 29
50° / 71°F0 inch9 mph47 %23 inhg
Thu Sep 30
48° / 70°F0 inch10 mph43 %24 inhg
Fri Oct 01
48° / 70°F0 inch7 mph46 %24 inhg
Sat Oct 02
51° / 71°F0 inch7 mph42 %24 inhg
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Arena Name:Circle G Arena
Address:10816 Verona Rd
Zip Code:45338
Arena Phone:937 884 9811
Contact Name:Circle G
Facebook:Click here
Arena Type:Enclosed
Arena Ground:Dirt/ sand mix
Arena Make:Steel Panels
Arena Number:3
Other Arena Sizes:175X100 100X150
Type of Arena Seating:Wooden Benches
Parking Surface:Rock/Gravel
More Parking: 
Number of Stalls:290
Type Stalls:Dirt
Do you Have to have a Stall_Yes_No:Yes
How Far to stalls:Attached and 30 ft away
Shavings:Yes but you can bring your own
Number of Wash Racks:6
Warm Up arena type:Enclosed
Side Gates:None
RV Parking:80
RV HookUp:20 amp, 30 amp
Stores:1-5 Miles
Hotels:1-5 Miles
Highway:1-5 Miles
Climate Control:Heat
Rest Rooms:Restrooms & showers w/Climate Control
Vendor Area: 
Vendor Location:Next to the arena, Outside
Cleaning:Cleaned at all times
Cleanup:Part of the package
Score Board:Yes (free use)
Public Address:Yes (free use)
Announcer Booth:Enclosed With AC

Main Arena info:

-Dimensions— 120’ wide x 210’ long

-Fixed laser technology for setting up Barrel and Pole classes.

-Laser timer with LCD display

-Board Entry office and fully enclosed announcers booth fully equipped with PA and sound systems

-Private lounge/Judges quarters

-Fully equipped concession stand

-Computerized sprinkler system for watering both arenas

-Tractor with 4 in 1 Reveal to work arenas

-Restrooms with showers

-Indoor wash racks with hot water

-300 stalls in three barns

-Electric Hookups for campers

Arena Locked:Yes
Vendor Locked:No
Diesel:Yes (part of package)
Dragtype:4N1 or one like it
Electricity:Part of arena package
Broad Band:Yes
Bucking Chutes:No
Chutes Number: 
Roping Boxes:No


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