Stephens County Fair and Expo Center – Duncan, Ok

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(Last Updated On: September 8, 2021)

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Dixie Park, US
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2002 S 13th St
Duncan, Oklahoma
Phone: +1 580 255 3231
FAX: +1 580 255 2980
Facebook: Click here

Expo Arena

The Stephens County Expo Arena is a huge event host location of 89,600 square feet . It was designed for large meetings, trade shows, concerts, fairs and various livestock events. The Arena has a large lobby with a office, concession stand with seating, and restrooms with showers. The Arena floor has 17,289 square feet of concrete on the north end, and a dirt floor that is 130 ‘ wide & 250’ long. The concrete area is primarily used for vendor booths, small livestock pens and horse stalls. The Arena is heated and air conditioned for year around comfort. WW Bucking and Roping chutes are available for Rodeo events, as well as a public address system.


There is permanent seating for 1,100, and portable seating for 900 . The arena floor can be roller packed to accommodate approximately 2,500 more folding chair seating.
South Barn

Adjoining the Arena to the north is the South Barn, a 25,500 sq. ft. ( 150’ x 170’ ) concrete livestock holding area with wash racks and restrooms.

Livestock Arena
To the north of the South Barn is the Livestock Arena, a 21,000 sq. ft. ( 150’ x 140’ ) with a concrete arena floor of 66’ x 125’ and comfortable theatre style seating for 900 . There is also a concession stand and restrooms .
North Barn
To the north of the Livestock Arena is the North Barn, a 18,000 sq. ft. ( 150’ x 120’ ) concrete livestock holding area, with a office, concession stand, restrooms and wash racks.
Warm Up Area/Cattle Holding
Extending south of the Arena is a covered warm up area, and/ or cattle holding area.
Conference Center
Stall Barn
Adjacent to the warm up area is the horse wash racks, capable of accommodating multiple horses .
The Arena has a total of 215 ( 10’x10’ ) horse stalls available, to be setup at the customer’s request. A covered area adjacent to the wash racks will accommodate 72 horse stalls.

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