Andrew Gibbs Memorial Arena – Mabank, Tx

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(Last Updated On: July 30, 2021)

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Mabank, Tx US
12:35 am, Nov 29
L: 5° H: 7°
Feels like 4.29 °C clear sky
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0 inch
Visibility: 10 km
Sunrise: 7:06 am
Sunset: 5:19 pm
Humidity 60 %
Pressure14 psi
Wind 4 mph
Mon Nov 29
6° / 20°C0 inch9 mph36 %14 psi
Tue Nov 30
10° / 21°C0 inch13 mph41 %14 psi
Wed Dec 01
12° / 23°C0 inch12 mph62 %14 psi
Thu Dec 02
14° / 24°C0 inch10 mph62 %14 psi
Fri Dec 03
16° / 21°C0.04 inch14 mph77 %14 psi
Sat Dec 04
16° / 25°C0.04 inch14 mph76 %14 psi
Sun Dec 05
17° / 21°C0.04 inch8 mph56 %14 psi
Mon Dec 06
8° / 16°C0.03 inch16 mph48 %14 psi
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Arena Name:Andrew Gibbs Memorial Arena
Address:701 W Mason St
Zip Code:75147
Arena Phone:903-887-4747
Contact Name:Ricky Myrick
Arena Size:117×230
Arena Type:Open
Arena Ground:sandy loam
Arena Make:pipe
Arena Number:1
Other Arena Sizes: 
Arena Seating:Metal Benches
Parking Surface:Dirt/Grass, Rock/Gravel, Some asphalt some gravel
More Parking: 
Number Stalls:none
Type Stalls: 
Do you have to have a stall overnight_Yes_No:No
How Far to stalls:na
Shavings:No Bring your Own
Wash Racks:0
Warm Up:Open
Side Gates:2
RV Parking:0
RV Hook Up:None
How Far to Stores:1-5 Miles
How far to Hotels:1-5 Miles
Nearest Highway:1-5 Miles
Climate Control:None
Rest Rooms:Restrooms w/o Climate Control
Venor Area: 
Vendor Location:None
Cleaning:Cleaned at all times
Cleanup:Extra Charge including supplies
Score Board:Yes (free use)
Public Address:Yes (free use)
Announcer Booth:Enclosed with windows
Arena Locked:Yes
Vendor Locked:No
Diesel:Yes (extra charge)
Outside riding: 
Drag type:4N1 or one like it
Electricity:Separate Bill
Bucking Chutes:Yes
Chutes Number:4
Roping Boxes:Yes
Directions:Business Hwy 175 Mabank Texas across from Sac a Burger

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