Monks Arena – Grand Saline, TX

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Arena Name: Monk Arena
Arena Address: 1144 VZCR 1806
City: Grand Saline
State: TX
Zip Code: 75140
Phone: (903)714-1587
Contact: Beri
Email address:
Total Arena Size: 200wx300l
Seating Capacity: 200
Arena Type: Covered
Ground Type: sand/clay mix
Arena Fence: pipe fence
Arena Count: 1
Concessions: Yes
Seating Type: Metal Benches
Parking Surface: Dirt/Grass – Rock/Gravel
How Many Stalls: 10
Do you have to get a stall?: No
Stall Floors: Dirt
Shavings Y-N: No bring your own
Wash Racks: 2
Warmup Area: Open
Side Gates: 2
RV Spots: None
RV Spot Type: None
Shopping: 1-5 miles
Motels: 11-15 Miles
Major Highway: 1-5 miles
Restaurants: 1-5 miles
Climate Control: Fans
Rest Rooms: Rest Rooms w/o Climate Control
Vendor Area: 1
Vendor Area Location: Inside and Outside
Arena Cleaning: At the end of event
Clean Up Is: Part of package
Timer Board: Yes (free use)
PA System: Yes (part of package)
Announcers Booth: Enclosed with Heat and A/C
Arena Locked: Yes
Vendor Area Locked: No
Arena Security: No
Tractors: 2
Tractor Fuel: Yes (part of package)
Riding Distance Estimate: 100 feet
Arena Drag: 4N1 or one like it
Electricity is: Part of Package
Broad Band: No
Bucking Chutes: Yes
Bucking Chute Number: 6
Roping Boxes: Yes

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