(BCSMP) Bexar County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse – San Antonio, Tx

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(Last Updated On: June 18, 2020)

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Address: 11755 Foster Rd San Antonio, Texas 78223


Richard Labiche

Vice -President
Janie Millikien mrsdudette52@yahoo.com

Allie Friesenhahn

Idrene Maspero


Bexar County Sheriffs Mounted Posse is a non profit organization and has been a working arena since 1955. It is the First arena for many Cowboys & Cowgirls in the area. It holds a special place in everyone’s heart and has been maintained throughout the years by the dedicated volunteers and horse lovers who love and respect the arena.

BCSMP is managed by its dedicated members. Becoming a member has its benefits. With the Hard Work and Generosity of Club Members, The Posse is able to continue support Youth Equestrian Programs, Special Olympics, Bexar County 4H and other Organizations. Come join us at our next meeting and become a part of History. Club meetings are the 1st Tuesday of every Month. We provide a family friendly atmosphere and are looking to expand our hard working family. This arena is available for rent. If your looking for a place to host your next Barrel Race, Playday, Horse Show or Fund Raiser we have an excellent arena with great ground just for you. Our Concession area and Arena Office have plenty of space for all your needs. With good lights and a sprinkler system your next event is sure to be a success

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